Relay access denied on a fresh ISPConfig 3.0.5

I had a fresh ISPConfig setup, following one of the howtoforge-articles. Everthing was looking good until I tried to send a mail. What happened is that the server presented me with a wonderful “Relay access denied” message

I rubbed my eyes and checked my mail client settings. But there was nothing to see, authentication for the SMTP was setup and I re-checked the information twice.
So I enabled dovecot debug and the log also told me that I authenticated me correctly.

After some search I found that postfix, since version 2.10, has this wonderful smtpd_relay_restrictions setting which seemed to do the job for me. A quick change from


combined with a little postfix restart and all my problems went away =)

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  1. In my case was that was two server setup was the wrong checkbox on “Is mirror of Server” I’ll should select “-None-” in the:
    System > Server services > “chose mailserver ” and save the settings.

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