Sass in JEE 6/7-Environments with Maven

Draft release – This post has never been completed

For a project I needed support for Sass and found basically two ways on how to integrate it with my JEE7 Maven setup.

The easy one: sass-maven-plugin

Looking on github there is the sass-maven-plugin which provides a very easy way to compile sass files into css. Just add something like the following to your pom.xml and you are ready to go:

With this in place you already have a running Sass-setup in your JEE environment. But event better, with mvn sass:watch you get into a mode witch nearly instantly reflects your changes to your .scss- to your .css.files. Live changes are awesome!

More complex but also more powerful: wro4j

Wro4j‘s learning curve is pretty steep. But once you get to the point it is definitely worth it! Wro4j gives you not only compile abilities for Sass, but also for less, css/js-minifier and a lot more pretty cool stuff to totally control and shrink your css/js.

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